Best Beauty Boxes in 2019

Best Beauty Boxes in 2019

1. BOXYCHARM $21 per month

This box is for those who want skin care or makeup products. They will send 4-5 FULL SIZE products from brands you choose.

You can also choose how much of which products you would like to recieve. (Example: More makeup than Skin care.) I personally chose little to no skin care ;p

You can add on BoxyLuxe, which costs an additional $28.95 on the few months you receive the extra, luxury brand goodies. Worth up to $250 value!

2. Ipsy $10 per month

For those who really only want the makeup products. (Drugstore or Pretidge brands) The Glam Bag Plus contains 5 FULL SIZE makeup products plus a cute, little bag for $25 a month. However, if you only subscribed to the regular ipsy box, dont be surprised when you don’t receive higher end (more expensive) makeup products and more samples.

I guess thats why it’s only $10 a month.

3. Dermstore $24.95 per month

For you skin care fanatics, this box contains roughly have full size and half samples of mostly skin care products. As well as a couple of makeup and hair care brands.

4. Allure $10 per month

Known for their trusted ratings, this box includes 5 deluxe, travel size products as well as a bonus product every now and then.

Expect to receive a little bit of everything. (Hair, skin, and makeup products)

I definitely reccomend this for those who wanna test out multiple trending products without wasting money!

5. ScentBird $14.95 per month

With more than 500 brands to choose from, you can choose which fragrances you would like to try. The customized box will ship 3-4 perfumes every month.

6. Cratejoy $7.57 – $108.33 per month

The momma of all beauty boxes, this site has LOADS of subscription boxes for all your preferences. From perfumes, fitness, skin care and so much more, this is a haven for the beauty box community. A must try!

7. Play! By Sephora $10 per month

Full of new and trending samples, this is a great way to keep up with the trends. You’ll be able to test which products actually live up to the hype!

Includes makeup and skincare products.

8. Birchbox $15 per month

Similar to Sephora, Birchbox will surprise you will a few more samples of makeup, haircare, skincare and fragrance products.

They usually have lots of promotions, discounts, and extra surprise goodies in your monthy subscription box.

9. GLOSSYBOX $21 per month

A mix of full size and travel size cosmetic products, this is a great way to try out new and upcoming brands. They feature makeup, skincare, haircare and other beauty necessities.

I recomend this for those who want to expand beyond just the popular, prestige brands.

10. Petit Vour $15 per month

This luxury box only contains cruelty free, non toxic and vegan beauty products.

Each box includes 5 travel size makeup, hair or skincare products. They usually throw in promo codes with details of each product and $4 vouchers when you leave review online!

Top 7 Instant Eye Products That Revitalize Tired Eyes

Top 7 Instant Eye Products That Revitalize Tired Eyes

Other than applying and pulling doublesided tape to your temples, here are some other products to give yourself an instant eyelift at home:

1. Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels $30

Keep these babies in the fridge, and. apply for 10 minutes before you do your makeup. This is an easy way to prep for eye makeup and creates a smooth, bright surface.

2. Dynamic Innovation Lab Women’s Instant Eye Lift $40

In less than 10 minutes after application, this hemp based product will dissolve off 10 years of those stressful work days. This product seemingly does it all (depuffs, lightens, firms).

3. Peter Thomas Roth 24k Pure Gold Luxury Lift and Firm Hydra Gel Patches $75

A brand known for “instant fixes,” these gold eye masks will severely lift and tighten drooping eyes in a matter of minutes.

However, don’t be surprised when those lines creep back by the end of the day.

4. Mac Fast Response Eye Cream $33

Cruelty free, this caffeinated cream tightens lines and subtley reduces dark circles.

5. Derma E Eye Lift $20

Greatly improves skin texture with its collagen boosting, organic ingredients. Provides hydration without over oiling.

*I reccomend using this on the lids as well.

6. Clarins Extra-Firming Eye Lift Perfecting Serum $40

Not neccesarily instant, but after 2 days of use, this hydrating serum drastically reduces dark circles. It sits well under makeup and doesn’t become oily throughout the day.

(The results are impressive, so I figured I would share this).

7. PURE Biology Total Eye Cream $32

After 30 minutes, this nutrient packed cream improves the look of your complexion, knocks out those lines and sucks out the puffiness.

Contains vitamin E, caffeine, baobab oil (antioxidants & amino acids), and hyaluronic acid.

All in all, you can always rub a couple ice cubes under your eyes to get rid of puffiness and call it a day.

Or just put on extra concealer.

However, a smooth and clear canvas will give you better results.

NARS vs. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

NARS vs. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

Both are amazing, highly rated, and worth the money. But before digging into your wallet, which concealer is overall the best for you?

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer $25

With 16 available shades and very creamy texture, this mess-free product contains medium/full coverage.

After testing the product myself, I found that it takes 2-3 dips to cover my stressed eyes. (The bottle won’t last me long)

However, when applied to blemishes, it works perfectly. It covers very naturally without ending up ‘cakey’. (Great for fixing eyeshadow or brows)

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer $26

I’ve been using this full coverage product for a year now. There are 46 shades and I have yet to find anything better.

When first squeezed from tube, it has a VERY thick texture. But when rubbed between your fingers, the warmth makes it creamy and smooth.

It only take one application for me to reach full coverage. Each bottle has lasted me over a month. (Which is very, very rare for me)

However, I dont reccomend applying this to blemishes, as it CAN cake when applying ‘product over product.’

*As of right now, I use both. If you don’t have under eye concerns, then NARS all over is the way to go.

But for others, whose stress shows, Bye Bye Under Eye will cover and brighten your tired eyes 🙂

5 Body Makeup Products to try in 2019

5 Body Makeup Products to try in 2019

Kim Kardashian just came out with her new and trending body makeup products. With only 7 shades available and constantly being out of stock, (already) here are 5 body makeup products easier to grab a hold of:

1. Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation $40

Made in 40 shades, this waterproof foundation can easily be used for light or full coverage. Just use a large brush and blend where needed. It finishes with a soft matte coverage.

For normal/ombination skin.

2. Esteé Lauder Double Wear – Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup for Face and Body $42

A “heavy duty” coverage foundation. It contains SPF 15, lasts ‘all day’, waterproof, and has 16 shade options.

3. Dermablend Leg and Body Makeup $34

Medium to full coverage, this waterproof body foundation also contains SPF 25. An amazing product for sensitive skin and vegan friendly.

4. M.A.C Studio Face and Body
Foundation $30

Comes in 13 shades of water resistant, medium coverage foundation. Suitable for sensitive skin and cruelty free.

5. Fenty Beauty Body Lava Body Luminizer $59

Most body foundations have a matte finish, this spray will make your body glisten and shine. Great when taking photos or at the beach.

Outfit of the Day :P


Grey biker shorts from TJ Maxx and a B.U.M crop tee from Gabes. Summer Feels 🙂

These biker shorts really contour the ‘behind’. I have very little to work with, but the shorts are definitely my favorite summer go to right now.

Top 10 Makeup Products for Summer 2018

I hate having to go onto google and look up 50 different makeup products, their reviews, prices, and then weed through the fake reviews. I figured I would make a gosh darn list for myself (and others) for summer of 2018 and get the research done and out of the way.

  1. Dominque Cosmetics Lemonade Eyeshadow Palette $42+  Reviews complain that the palette isn’t as shimmery as they thought, but the pigment is still popping strong. Get the Palette Here


2. ColourPop Yes, Please! Eyeshadow Palette $16  1,354 reviews, with a grand total of 5 stars. The colors, the pigments, the price… So perfect. Reviews say there’s no fallout and it’s pigmented as heck. The only bad thing was the palette was the size of her palm. I’m just happy the price fits in my budget. Get your perfect palette here


images3. Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme $14  When using a lip plumper it’s important to exfoliate lips beforehand, or it won’t work. Most reviews say this worked extremely well. A few reviews stated it burned too much. But honeyyy, if it ain’t burning, you ain’t gonna get lips. Get your lips plumped here

4. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Orange Gummy Bear Lip Scrub $12  (Pink Lemonade, Rainbow Sherbet, Grape Soda) Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! No makeup is flawless unless you prepare. Get the Gummy Bear Lip Scrub here


5. Vaseline Pink Bubbly $3.49  at Target (buy 3 get 1 free) or $3.99 at Walmart. Personally, I’m obsessed af with this. It smells amazing and has a light pink color. It’s limited edition so I gotta stock up. Get your Pink Bubbly here

6. NO7 Early Defense Glow Activating Serum $24.99 at Ulta or $17.49 at Walgreens. It’s made for the mid-young age range, reduces appearance of pores, fine lines, and calms the skins reactivity from stress. It’s made for sensitive skin as well! Yay! Get the serum at Ulta or Walgreens


7. Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter $32 at Ulta or Sephora. It’s very fine so you don’t get that cheap glitter effect. It creates more of a dewy shine and comes in a variety of shades. Get the dew here

8. Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow $24 at Ulta. 1,221 Reviews rated 4.5 stars. I literally saw no bad reviews. It’s very pigmented, it has glitter, but nothing like clown makeup, and it’s long wearing. Club makeup. Must have. Get the glitter shadow here


9. IT Cosmetics CC+ Foundation $38 11,594 Reviews and rated 4.5 stars. I, myself, am a huge fan of this. They only have 3 shades (but I mix mine with a little of Born Like This) but they CC is amazing. They have an illumination version as well, but the original already gives me natural illuminated skin. It’s like it ‘fixes’ my complexion without doing a full coverage foundation. It’s really amazing. Get the CC+ here

10. Mac Prep + Fix + Shimmer $26 at Ulta it’s nothing too new, but this is something I have wanted to try for SO LONG. Now they have a spray that comes in Pinklite or Gold shimmer. 9,000 reviews and rated 4.5 stars. A lot of reviews say there isn’t a lot of shimmer. But that’s ok, I don’t want my whole face too shiny.  Get your Fix Spray here